Barbados Car Rental Companies

There are many car rental companies in Barbados, several of which are very reliable and have been in business for a long time.  Below is an extensive listings of Barbados car rental companies.  We have selected a couple of the companies that we recommend.

Recommended Car Rental Companies

Direct Car Rental – Direct Car Rentals Ltd. is family owned and operated and has been in business since 1976, they have a fleet of over 100 new & late model vehicles.
Stoutes Car Rental – Stoutes Car Rental Ltd is a family-owned company that offers jeeps, mokes, vans and air-conditioned sedans for short and long-term rental in Barbados.

More Barbados Car Rental Companies

  • Fat Jacks Vehicle Rentals
  • Southern Rentals Ltd.
  • Jones Garage Car Rentals
  • Mohamed Car Rentals
  • Chelsea Motors
  • Voyager Rent A Car
  • Leisure Rentals
  • Express Rent A Car

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